The ultimate off road adventure starts on 9th of June 2019 and will finish seven days later, on 15th of June. A week of great fun and best off road.


Red Cross Building, Caps, Cluj County, Romania. N 46.603903 E 23.280496. And hundreds of kilometers around that place.


What do we offer? Special stages and more than 600 kilometers of roadbook. And perfectly written. We even offer 20 Euro for every mistake you find in it.

About the race

What is the magic recipe for a good race? Decent organization, experience, beautiful terrain and friendship. At least we like to think so. And we have all four just waiting for you to enjoy the race held in Romania. Starting on June 9th, this will be a perfect seven day adventure. After 16 years of off road racing and organization experience, we have the ultimate event that will bring back the glory of the legendary Transsylvania Trophy. So what do we offer…? Come and find out!

Experience the ultimate adventure

Rules, regulations and the registration list can be found in the menu on top of the website. Wanna be on that list too?

Have you been thinking about it?

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