Important info

What is the magic recipe for a good race? Decent organization, experience, beautiful terrain and friendship. At least we like to think so. A perfect seven day off-road adventure in the Transylvanian mountains.

After 20 years of off road racing and event-organizing experience,we have 4-th consecutive edition of the new Transsylvania Trophy

Electricity, water, showers and toilets will be provided. Barbeque lovers will have the chance to enjoy local dishes, beer drinkers will have ample supplies and your non-competing companions will have a huge mountain area to be covered by foot or bicycle on marked tracks.

You’ll have one day for inscription and set-up camp and 6 days of roadbook racing. Racing time is of 4 hours/day, although the maximum time will be longer (usualy 8 hours). So you’ll have more than enough time to fix your vehicles on the rocks and in the mud or in the deep forests of Romania… And stil finish the roadbook (hopefully) in time.


Saturday, August 15- set-up day, registration and draw lots

10 am – 14 pm – registration
14 pm – briefing and draw lots for starting order in the competition
16:00 – technical meeting for last details
19:30 – briefing for Trophy Day 1
20:30 – dinner

Sunday, August 16- Day one

8:00 – breakfast
10:00 – start Trophy Day 1
19:30 – briefing
20:30 – dinner

Monday, August 17- Day 2

8:00 – breakfast
10:00 – start Trophy Day 2
19:30 – briefing
20:30 – dinner

Tuesday, August 18- Day 3

8:00 – breakfast
10:00 – start Trophy Day 3
19:30 – briefing
20:30 – dinner

Wednesday, August 19- Day 4

8:00 – breakfast
11:00 – start Trophy Day 4
19:30 – briefing
20:30 – dinner

Thursday, August 20- Day 5

8:00 – breakfast
10:00 – start Trophy Day 5
19:30 – briefing
20:30 – dinner

Friday, August 21- Day 6

8:00 – breakfast
10:00 – start Trophy Day 6
20:00 – gala party and award ceremony
20:30 – dinner

Saturday, June 27

9:00 – breakfast
11:00 – camp cleaning and goodbye


National Training Base of the Romanian Red Cross, Valea Ierii, Romania

Coordinates in D format: N 46.604190, E 23.280365
Coordinates in DMS format: N 46*36’15”, E 23*16’49”

Camp ground:

Camp ground Valea Ierii – 400m NE of the Red Cross base.

The Red Cross Base has 24 rooms each with 4 beds/room with individual toilette and shower. Rooms will be booked based on the “first come first served” criteria. The cost per room is 420 eur/week (check-in Sunday, June 21st with check-out Sunday, June 27th) irrespective of the actual number of room occupants or number of days actually staid.

Campground accommodation is free – please consider the camp as “wild camping”. Although the officials have promised to electrify the area, as of now there is no acces to the grid. We’ll provide electricity via a diesel generator but be prepared with a back-up generator.Breakfast, Dinner, Showers, Toilets and Entertainment will be provided at the Red Cross Base, some 200 meters away from the camp site.

There is no participation fee for technical assistance or family members.Meal coupons can be purchased at 100 eur/person/week.

Closest reliable gas station: Gilau, 30 km away. Organizers will collect empty gas cans every day and return them full at dinner time. Owner’s name and fuel type will be marked on every gas can. Gas will be charged for at pump price.

The farewell party will end late in the night so please plan to leave Sunday.


The firs two teams in each category will get free participation at TT2021. Teams occupying the second place will get free participation at Wild Boar Challenge 2020 in Croatia. Additional prices will be offered depending on sponsor generosity.


Participation fee – until March 1st – irrespective of class (Adventure or Trophy) – 450 euro/person (900 euro/team) – minimum advance payment is 200 euro/person (400 euro/team).

Participation fee afterMarch 1st – 500 euro/person (1000 euro/team).

Note: compared to last year, the price has been increased by 50 eur/person due to the extra day of race added.

Payment can be done in Euro or in Lei at an exchange rate of 4.80 lei for 1 euro.

Invoices can be provided before the payment (if requested).

Below are our the bank accounts:
ACS Transsylvania Off Road
Club address: str Louis Pasteur 24/26, Cluj Napoca, Romania
Bank Name: Banca Transilvania, Romania
Swift: BTRLRO22
Bank address: 8 G. Baritiu street, Cluj Napoca, Romania, 400027